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Plan the Big Proposal in the Sun

Plan the Big Proposal in the Sun

You’ve just been on a romantic holiday in the sun and come back to the love and warmth of your friends and family. You have a huge smile which, no matter what happens, won’t go away.

You have butterflies in your stomach, waiting patiently to spread the exciting news. You’ve a natural glow and possess a stunning summer aura and everyone wonders why. Sure, everyone feels great after a holiday, but this is different. Only you and your partner know why. Somebody then notices the most beautiful platinum engagement ring on your finger and suddenly all fireworks are let off. Crack the bottle of champagne open, it's celebration time.

One of the first questions your friends and family ask is ‘How did he/she propose?’ Let’s rewind a few months. Wanting the occasion to be perfect, you spend weeks, if not months, planning the special moment. Choosing the right place is one thing, choosing the right time is another.

It’s no wonder Prince Wills carried his late mothers engagement ring around in his rucksack for two weeks before proposing to the lovely Kate! Thankfully, he had his special engagement ring ready, and you can be prepared too.

Finding that perfect piece of jewellery is crucial. As any girl will tell you, the engagement ring is important. It’s often picked by the partner alone and reflects his/her love for you.  With their shiny and silky polished look, Platinum Engagement Rings are timeless, look great with any outfit and just like your marriage, they last a lifetime. Platinum in itself is one of the rarest precious metals and to add to its sheer elegance, diamonds add that supreme sparkle to its beauty.

The Platinum Ring Company has a stunning range of rings to choose from and all platinum engagement rings come beautifully packaged in Platinum Ring Company designed boxes making them the perfect gift and keepsake. However, don’t worry about us ruining the surprise, all platinum ring orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery polybags with no reference to the contents or our name. If your partner does see the parcel first, all they’ll see is PRCO Ltd on the return address; of course you’ll have to make sure they don’t open the package before you!To view our exquisite range of Platinum Engagement Rings and be prepared for the big proposal, visit our website today. To view our exquisite range of Platinum Engagement Rings and be prepared for the big proposal, visit our website today.