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Diamond Rings: Romancing the Stone

Diamond Rings: Romancing the Stone

Platinum diamond rings – a classic choice

When it comes to jewellery, gold has always been a traditional choice. But the gold industry has been struggling in recent years as consumers ride the ‘white wave’. Platinum is more popular than ever as celebrities and trend setters opt for platinum diamond rings over the more stuffy gold look. Jewellery made out of silver, platinum and other white metals has been in favour for a number of years as gold jewellery is associated with an older generation. Madonna chose a platinum wedding ring over gold, and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston famously opted for white gold, fuelling the fashion for silver. Platinum diamond rings have never been so in demand.

Designer jewellery and the platinum diamond ring

Platinum diamond rings are very much the ring of choice for modern couples. When it comes to choosing the kind of metal and gems you want for your engagement or wedding ring, it’s advisable that you take into account your skin tones – if you have dark, olive or tanned skin, platinum diamond rings set off your tonnes better, whereas pale skin may look better with the warmer glow of gold.

A token of love

Rings have always been the token of lasting love and choosing the perfect platinum diamond ring is important. The wedding ring is the most enduring symbol of eternal love and commitment. Whether you choose elaborate platinum rings or simple single stones, the ring is a physical expression of a couple’s binding love. Ever since Victorian times, a ring such as the forget-me-knot ring was used to express emotions to a lover.

Platinum Diamond Rings – The Celebrity Staple

Platinum diamond rings are the most obvious symbol of romance – their beauty, durability and value all speaks volumes about a couple’s commitment. And when it comes to celebrity, the bigger the celebrity – the bigger the platinum diamond ring! It seems many actresses believe the size of the diamonds have a direct correlation to their status in Hollywood. Every since Elizabeth Burton and Elvis Presley brandished their love of bling, platinum diamond rings have become a celebrity staple. Presley proposed to Priscilla with a 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring, encircled by 21 smaller diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor is famed for her several marriages to stars including Michael Todd and Richard Burton – and with the marriages came some spectacular diamond rings.