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Groomzillas: What Not to Do

Groomzillas: What Not to Do

So you’ve heard of the bridezilla and the horror they can inflict, but there is a new breed of wedding bossy-bootses on the horizon – the groomzilla! And he is just as fierce.

The Rise of the Groomzilla

Brides are known to be a little stressed when it comes to their wedding day. It may be the happiest day of their lives, but sometimes the desire for everything to go off without a hitch can be overwhelming. But a new study released by the Daily Mail has found that in fact grooms are now almost as involved (and stressed) as their beloved wives-to-be. Gone are the ‘let me know what time and where to be’ stereotypes, and the floral loving, cake tasting fiancés are here to stay. Over half the grooms surveyed said they had the final say on the date and venue of their wedding, 1/3 helped choose the cake, and 5% even voiced their opinions on the flowers. Overall, 60% of couples think grooms are more hands on than years ago and 42% of men think they can do just as good a job planning a wedding as a woman. Of course, with more involvement comes more stress. Grooms are also becoming anxious in the lead up to their big day. Whether you are a hands on groom or a little more relaxed, take a look at these top tips to help you avoid becoming a groomzilla.  

Drinking Dan

Alcohol may seem like a good option for some Dutch courage on your wedding day, to calm your nerves and have one last shot with the lads. But it is easy to get carried away and end up a little tiddly when you are saying your vows.So skip the tipple and opt for some calming music and deep breaths instead. So skip the tipple and opt for some calming music and deep breaths instead.

Nasty Nigel

We often see it with bridezillas, they know that people are trying to help but the stress and nerves often result in them snapping at people and becoming very demanding. And of course the bridesmaids get the brunt of the bullet. Don’t become a groomzilla who takes things out on his groomsmen. We’re sure your best man hasn’t lost your platinum wedding rings since the last 7 times you’ve asked him. So stop before you speak and think about your wording. After all, they have also put a lot of time and money into this wedding for your happiness.

Over Organised Oliver

Are you a bit of a control freak when it comes to things like this? Well, there is being prepared and then there is being OCD. You cannot plan every single little detail, and predict any and every problem that will occur, so just accept it. The moment you do so, you will feel much more relaxed and will start enjoying the day. Go with the flow and concentrate on why you’re getting married; don’t worry that your baby cousin has just stuck their hand in the cake or someone spilt red wine on a tablecloth. Weddings are happy events, so put down the drink and the clipboard and be happy. It’s your big day!

a Couple Just Married

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