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The Perfect Gift When Renewing Your Vows

The Perfect Gift When Renewing Your Vows

A renewal of wedding vows ceremony is a special time that celebrates love and the life shared between two people. But does gift giving for this special occasion fill you with dread? Not sure what etiquette is? Or perhaps you know but need inspiration. Well, here are a few tips to help you on your way to the perfect present. If you are the one renewing your vows…  

A ring Of course an essential part of a wedding ceremony is a ring and a platinum eternity ring would be the perfect substitution for a wedding ring – after all you don’t want two! Platinum rings are long lasting and therefore hold a sentiment which you would like to bestow on your relationship.  

Locket If your other half already wears a few platinum rings then maybe try another piece of jewellery to avoid going over-the-top. A heart shaped locket would look beautiful as they walk down the aisle and you could add a picture of the two of you at your wedding for a personal touch.  

A Photo Album If you are spending a lot of money on the renewal ceremony then you may not have a massive budget for a present. Rather than spending money on a present why not spend your time? Half fill a photo album and when they ask why it isn’t full say “it is filled with all the memories we have made so far during time together and the space is there for us to fill it with the many more we’ll have”. So romantic!  

If you are attending a renewal ceremony… Often if you are attending a ceremony of the renewal of wedding vows gift giving is not expected as many people will have given presents when the couple first wed. If you are going to a ceremony however where gifts are expected then here’s a few ideas.  

A Double Photo Frame Purchase a simple photo frame that has space for two photographs - this should not be too costly. In one half add a photo from the couple’s first wedding and leave the second space empty so that they can add an image from their renewal of their vows. This would look lovely in any couples home and is sure to be loved when gifted.  

Framed Spoons Okay so framing spoons sounds a little weird but roll with us. Purchase 2 inexpensive spoons and attach them to the wooden back of a photo frame before removing the protective glass. Next to the spoons in bold print write ‘spooning since…’ and the year the couple met. This is a whimsical yet loving idea.  

Wine Most people will appreciate a good bottle of wine so why not pick up a good quality full bodied bottle and personalise the label with the date of the occasion and the couple’s names. Have you thought about the perfect present reading this blog? Or if you have a better idea let us know!