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Best Celebrity Proposals

Celebrities are notorious for wearing platinum engagement rings adorned with diamonds that are well out of reach of the average person’s budget. Who could forget J Lo’s infamous $1 million pink diamond from Ben Affleck, or Paris Hilton’s $5 million rock from her shipping heir fiancee? If you wish you could copy your favourite celebrity, but know you just don’t have hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on a ring, then take heart because there is another way. Instead of trying to copy the ring, you could steal their proposal styles – using a platinum engagement ring that’s within your budget. Here are some ideas.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Celebrity Proposals

If you’re a celebrity fan and like to copy your favourite stars, then you can pick up tips from reports of their romantic proposals. You don’t have to copy their exact set-up. After all, how many of us can afford hundreds of pre-proposal gifts like Jordan Bratman, or a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica like Charlie Sheen? But you can choose platinum engagement rings that look a little like theirs, and copy the general theme of the romantic setting. Here are some special proposals to get inspired by:  
    • Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman - When music executive Jordan Bratman wanted to ask songstress Christina Aguilera to become his wife, he took her to a swanky hotel room strewn with rose petals and filled with gifts. As she opened each package she found a self-penned poem – until the last box which contained one of Hollywood’s now best-loved platinum engagement rings. Bratman got down on one knee and the rest is history.
    • Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller  - Actor Charlie Sheen whisked his girlfriend to Costa Rica for a romantic break, where he surprised her with a Patek Phillipe watch inscribed with the words “B –Wanna get married? Love C”. He then surprised her further with an 11-carat natural yellow diamond set in platinum. Engagement rings are normally the focal point of a proposal, but you can add an extra twist like Charlie did and give her something else first.
    • Heidi Klum and Seal - On the day before Christmas Eve, Seal took Heidi to the top of a glacier in Whistler by helicopter, where a specially-made igloo awaited them. He popped the question with a magnificent yellow diamond ring. Platinum engagement rings with big diamonds are often referred to as ‘Ice’ in rapper slang – Seal’s proposal couldn’t have been more apt.
  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise - The couple best known for their over-the-top gushing about each other on celebrity chat shows agreed to wed in a clichéd setting – the top of the Eiffel tower. Tom proposed to his young partner whilst they were visiting the city to promote one of his movies, presenting her with a ring that outdoes all other platinum engagement rings in Hollywood.