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Celeb Inspiration: 65th Emmy Awards

It’s only a few days since the 65th Annual Prime time Emmy Awards graced our television screens. If you didn’t watch the event live, you will probably have seen the pictures of glamorous celebs in their magnificent dress and outfits with those oh so special finishing touches. It seems platinum is the ‘in’ thing as we spotted so many celebs wearing this beautiful metal.

Therefore, if you’re planning a wedding and are looking for inspiration, look no further. Platinum wedding rings are simply a must!

Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery wore simple vintage jewellery in the form of platinum and diamond ear clips and ruby and diamond platinum rings. We spotted American film and television actress Julie Bowen wearing a stunning platinum bracelet. Columbian actress Sofia Vergara wore platinum with diamonds and precious gemstones worth over $7million!

So many Hollywood stars are now sporting platinum which is fantastic to see and here at the Platinum Ring Company we can understand why it has become such a must have. This precious metal is able to hold diamonds and gemstones more securely than any other metal, its durability is second to none and, due to its naturally white appearance, it does not cast any tint on a diamond or gemstone making these highly valuable stones shine and sparkle brilliantly.

Platinum wedding rings and joining platinum engagement rings are no exception. Of course one of the main advantages of jewellery made with this special metal is that it never changes colour or fades.

Perhaps a symbol of a true everlasting and loving marriage.  What could be more special than placing a ring of this calibre on your loved one’s finger on your wedding day, with the sign and promise of ‘richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part’. If you’re hunting for the perfect jewellery for your wedding and want something everlasting yet supremely elegant, look no further. Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we have stylish platinum wedding rings along with platinum engagement rings and eternity rings.  Visit our website for more information on what we offer and our stunning collections.