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Diamond Rings: The Damien Hirst Twist

Platinum diamond rings have fast become the most sought after conventional choice for engagement and wedding rings. But when flamboyant artist Damien Hirst got his hands on the expensive and timeless materials of platinum and diamonds, the result was a little less conventional. His latest art work is causing a stir not least thanks to the price tag – a cool £50million.

Platinum and Diamonds

Putting platinum and diamonds together usually results in stylish platinum diamond rings. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Hirst’s installation has inspired newspaper subs to declare: “Diamonds are a skull’s best friend”. The piece called, For the Love of God has been talked about for months thanks to the fact it’s the most expensive piece of contemporary art – ever.

Put your Ring Away

If you’re visiting the artwork and have just been given a platinum diamond ring for your engagement or wedding, it’s advisable to put it away. Standing next to Hirst’s extravaganza is bound to make even the biggest platinum diamond ring seem small. The art work contains 8,601 diamonds including a 52.5 carat gem. The diamonds completely cover a platinum cast of a real human skull.

£50 million Art

Going overboard on such bling did raise concerns for the artist – unlike stylish platinum diamond rings, the excess of gems caused him to worry ‘it might look like an Ali G ring’. But spending so much money on the art installation did prompt some snide remarks that it looked like a ‘£50m disco ball’.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

The diamond and platinum installation is said to be dazzling, and security for the piece is high. But like a high quality platinum diamond ring, it was clear as one art critic announced that ‘the bling was the thing’. The skull was made by an exclusive jeweller and has the largest diamond commission since the crown jewels. It seems Hirst has a thing for bling too – he may not wear platinum diamond rings, but the real skull used for the platinum cast features replacement gold teeth. The real teeth were transferred into the platinum and diamond cast.

Diamond and Platinum Rings – or Skulls?

So what did Hirst want to achieve with this £50m platinum and diamond skull based on the real skull of an 18th-century male? “I would hope that anybody looking at it would get a bit of hope, and be uplifted,” Hirst told the press. “We need to line the world with beautiful things that give you hope.” For those who feel a skull is a bit morbid, platinum diamond rings can be one way of capturing a sense of beauty and hope – without the £50 million price tag!