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Marilyn Monroe's Platinum Rings

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married in January of 1954. Joe DiMaggio, nicknamed “Joltin’ Joe” was an American Major League Baseball centre fielder, who played his whole 13-year long career for the New York Yankees. He is possibly best known for his 56-game hitting streak, which is a record that still stands today.

Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, became a prolific actor, who is today still known for her films, beauty and style as well as her love life! The platinum wedding ring that was exchanged between the two will be auctioned as part of the “Icons of Hollywood” collection in December at Profiles in History in Calabasas Hills, California. The platinum wedding ring is technically a platinum eternity ring, set with 35 baguette-cut diamonds, one diamond is missing, however, the rings are set to realise between $300,000 - $500,000.

Monroe and DiMaggio, were married in an intimate civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, but were divorced less than a year later. It is said that their split was due to the fact that DiMaggio favoured a demure housewife over the star Monroe was becoming. It has been stated that the day of Monroe’s epic skirt flying photo shoot that DiMaggio was so enraged with jealousy that he beat her. Suffice to say, their marriage was not Marilyn’s last. Despite this, it was quite evident that Monroe was a fan of diamond and platinum wedding rings, and as a woman who has been admired for her taste and style for over 50 years, who are we to argue! Platinum is known as a hard wearing, durable and precious metal. Its naturally white colour makes it a great metal to offset gemstones such as diamonds.

Platinum as a metal has been around for thousands of years and it has been used in a variety of ways, however, it has only been used for jewellery pieces within the last two centuries, it became popular with royalty in the 1800s. Platinum wedding rings are therefore a great choice for any couple, as it is a beautiful yet long lasting metal! Whether you are looking for platinum wedding rings, platinum engagement rings or platinum eternity rings, we are certain that you will find something to suit both your style as well as budget from the Platinum Ring Company. For more information on the platinum jewellery available please call the team on 0800 055 6213.