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Happy Marriage Secrets

Platinum eternity rings are symbolic of undying and eternal love. As such, investing in platinum eternity rings during your marriage is perhaps one of the most romantic gestures you can make. And as the news headlines continue to churn out stories of high profile divorces, from Paul McCartney and Heather Mills to Madonna and Guy Ritchie, the secrets of a happy marriage clearly don't rest on how rich or successful you are. So if you're hoping to invest in platinum eternity rings a few years into your marriage, what are the secrets for a happy union?

Platinum Eternity Rings – Not a Miracle Fix

If you're considering buying platinum eternity rings studded with diamonds as a quick fix solution to a struggling marriage, think again. As the high profile celebrity divorces show, throwing money at a relationship isn't enough. Buying platinum eternity rings should be a serious investment – and perhaps for those couples who don't have lots of wealth, investing in platinum eternity rings means so much more to them than to the high profile couples who can afford to pay off a small country's debt if they so choose. Quick fixes, scientists say, don't work. If you are hoping to exchange platinum eternity rings down the line, the poll of 4,000 couples revealed the secrets of a long, happy marriage were:
  • 22 periods of quality time together every month, including seven cosy nights in and two dinner dates
  • Four cuddles a day
  • A romantic gesture every ten days – such as running a bath or breakfast in bed - is necessary.
  • Surprise gifts from flowers, chocolates to poetry and platinum eternity rings are also important, and a husband and wife should shower each other with gifts twice a month.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Showing affection and romance in a marriage scientists say are 'safe gestures' that make partners feel wanted and cared for. Taking your partner for granted is one of the worst things you can do – the idea that familiarity breeds contempt is the biggest killer of relationships. Investing in platinum eternity rings is one way of saying how much your partner means to you. As well as regular cuddles and quality time together, the average month for a happy couple will feature one trip to the cinema, one to the pub, three candlelit dinners, six in-depth conversations, a night apart with friends and two romantic walks.