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Mariah’s Multi-Million Ring Surprise

According to a report in the Mirror, American warbler, Mariah Carey, recently received one of the most expensive wedding rings in recent memory after boyfriend, Nick Cannon, splashed out $16 million on the wedding ring in what turned out to be a whirl-wind romance. Mariah Carey is well known for her affinity to jewellery and it is apparent that her expensive tastes carries over into wedding rings after receiving such a lavish piece of jewellery.

Wedding Rings – King of Bling

Mariah Carey, who has appeared in numerous hip-hop videos, is a well-known advocate of ‘blinging’ jewellery and, it’s safe to say, $16 million wedding rings should certainly sate that appetite for expensive adornments. The wedding ring in question is a 14 carat, pink diamond wedding ring which was picked out personally by her television star boyfriend, Nick Cannon. Wedding rings are a sign of unity and matrimony and it goes without saying that it was a rather grand gesture on Nick Cannon’s part in order to show just how much he cared for the Grammy award winning songstress. Speaking to the Mirror, a friend of Cannon’s stated, “Nick has been besotted since he first met Mariah on a US TV show three years ago. Just before they got married, he got down on one knee again and gave her the pink diamond ring he'd had custom made. She was stunned and thrilled.”

Wedding Rings – Well Matched

The marriage of world famous singer, Mariah Carey and television star, Nick Cannon, could be set to prosper as they both have an affinity for expensive jewellery and if the $16 million wedding rings are anything to go by, Nick Cannon knows full well that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend.