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Beyonce Opens Up About Marriage

When it comes to exchanging platinum wedding rings, the gossip magazines love a celebrity couple. It seems the promise of exchanging wedding rings can prompt some people to shout their love from the rooftops. But some celebrities are notoriously reticent when it comes to discussing their private lives and weddings. And then there are those that will invite an entourage of paparazzi from gossip magazines to witness their exchange of wedding rings.

Although some couples use their fame to raise money for charity – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie most notably give their hefty fee for posing with their children on the cover of glossy magazines to charity - others seem to have more self-publicising aims. But whatever their motivation, it seems the public can't get enough of celebrities exchanging wedding rings at extravagant weddings.

Wedding Rings – Pop the Question

And in the world of pop, Beyonce is big news on the celebrity wedding front. Famously tight lipped about her private life, most gossip magazines gossip about how she won't talk about her private life. But in an interview in Essence magazine, Beyonce opened up about her private wedding where she exchanged wedding rings with her husband Jay-Z. Before which the interviewer had remarked that interviewing Beyonce was like talking about sex with your mother: There may be a pretense of open communication, but the subtext is clear: Are you seriously going to ask me that? The wedding rings and marriage were clearly a no-go area – and the pop star has been known to end interviews in their tracks for too-personal questions.

Tattoos under Wedding Rings

Not discussing the wedding where they exchanged wedding rings is not just an attempt to maintain privacy but to keep the mystery and sense of control over her 'brand'. She complained that the proliferation of media and the rise of the internet meant it was almost impossible to retain an air of mystery. The moment they exchanged wedding rings, Beyonce has said, is one that will be kept private: “...this is the only way I've been able to stay sane, so why would I start talking now?” But she told magazine details about the private wedding – saying it was an intimate and small affair because she wasn't a 'traditional' woman. Instead of just getting wedding rings, the couple opted for matching tattoos of Roman numerals on their ring fingers. They didn't use engagement rings because she felt it was 'material' and 'silly' but the tattoos were done so that when they took off their wedding rings, they would have an eternal reminder of the marriage.