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Engagement Rings: Does Size Matter?

Ask women “Does size matter when it comes to sex?”, and they will probably say no (at least you hope they will). Ask them the same question about engagement rings and they will scream “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. But before you panic and take out a vast overdraft, bear in mind that not all women want a gigantic piece of ice dripping off their hand – for them size may be important so they can have a practical ring to wear with all outfits and for every occasion.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Celebrity Size-ism

Flick through any celebrity magazines and chances are you’ll find pictures of A-list stars with enormous engagement rings sparkling in the glare of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs. A huge rock is a sign of wealth, status and success, and the larger the star’s profile, chances are the larger their engagement ring will be too. Just take J Lo’s huge pink diamond that was given to her by Ben Affleck before they split, and Mariah Carey’s multi-million dollar diamond from her fiancée. When it comes to the red carpet queens, size really does matter.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Small but perfectly formed

Thankfully, not all women have the same tastes as celebrities, and many would be horrified by the thought of having to wear such an ostentatious piece of jewellery. Engagement rings are meant to be worn for life, so for an active, sporty woman or a mum, a giant diamond that gets in the way just isn’t practical. Far more preferable would be a small but perfectly formed solitaire diamond on a platinum engagement ring, or a thin band studded with tiny diamonds like an eternity ring. If you think she would like an extra bit of sparkle without going overboard, then consider trilogy engagement rings, with three beautiful diamonds instead of one.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Big is beautiful

Of course, there are women who would love to have a massive rock on their left hand and spend their spare time scouring the celebrity and fashion magazines looking for the ultimate engagement rings with bling. This is the kind of woman who aspires to have the lifestyle of a WAG or a Sex & the City character, with a rich husband and a wardrobe full of designer clothes. If this sounds like your girlfriend, then you’d better start saving up for a big ring as nothing less will satisfy her craving for glamour. Choose a big solitaire diamond, or go for a real celebrity look and find a pink diamond like J Lo’s or a yellow one like Heidi Klum’s. The look on her face when you open up the little black box will be worth the extra cost!