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Platinum Diamond Rings are Forever

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, platinum diamond rings are an enduring, classy and stylish symbol of a couple’s commitment together. But it seems diamonds and platinum are not only for wedding and engagements. Now, it’s possible to spend £50,000 on a diamond-encrusted mobile phone.

Platinum Diamond ‘Rings’ from a Mobile Phone

Dubbed by newspapers as ‘the ring of bling’ this is one mobile phone you won’t want to lose. When it comes to platinum diamond rings for engagements and weddings it makes perfect sense – diamonds are after all, forever. But mobile phones come and go and last on average two years before being discarded, stolen or lost. But a subsidiary of Nokia produced 200 mobile phones studded in diamonds, costing up to £50,000. Celebrities and the super-wealthy it seems are no longer content with flashing their bling in the conventional form of platinum diamond rings, bracelet, necklaces and ear rings. £50,000 will buy you a carpet of tiny diamonds on the mobile, using eight carats worth for the keypads. The keypad is also housed in platinum with ruby bearings. It sounds like a description for a deluxe platinum diamond wedding ring rather than a mobile phone.

£50,000 – One Year Warranty

But the market for luxury goods is clearly there – the desire to own expensive items that are rare and valuable has a strong pull for those with bank balances big enough. Even everyday objects like mobile phones and watches have become luxurious status symbols. For the majority however the most expense they’ll spend in their lives is on items of jewellery such as platinum diamond rings for special occasions such as weddings and engagements. The £50,000 mobile came with just one year’s warranty.

Conspicuous Consumption

The £50,000 mobiles are unsurprisingly owned by celebrities with pay checks to match – David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow all have the phones, as well as members of the Saudi royal family. Many people wouldn’t dream of spending so much money on platinum diamond rings for their wedding, let alone on a mobile. Mobiles are notorious objects for theft and crime. But for the movie stars and footballers who are into ‘conspicuous consumption’ if they can afford to buy it, they can afford to lose it.