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1 knee, 1 engagement ring, 4 words

“Will you marry me?” four simple words that leave you on the biggest cliff hanger of your life. Will it be a “yes” or will it be a “no”, the suspense is nail biting and the tension is high. But how do you build up to the all-important question?  

The Grand gesture

You book a fancy restaurant in the middle of Paris looking over the Eifel Tower, you are seated at a candle lit table with a single red rose in the middle. You continue to order the champagne and relax (or try to relax) with a gourmet meal as you compliment your partner and talk about your endless love. Just before you indulge in dessert, the violins come out and play a soft and sweet tune. You push your chair back, get down on one knee and open that little box. The diamond solitaire platinum engagement ring says it all, but you still have to say those words “will you marry me?” – Enter the Cliff-hanger.  

Intimate affair with friends & family

You and your partner are at the family home. All you closest friend and family have just all come round and enjoyed a lovely meal. You have already spoken to your partner’s parents and they have given you their blessing, so everyone knows today is the big day. You have the trilogy platinum engagement ring in your pocket. You can feel it between your fingers. Then when everyone has a drink in their hand, you stand up as if to propose a toast. Instead you intend to make a huge announcement. You look to your partner and there, when you have that bubble in your throat, you get down on one knee and lay your heart out for everyone to see, “Will you marry me?”  - Enter the Cliff-hanger.  

The fun and games

It’s your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. You plan on given your partner the biggest surprise ever. In the morning there was breakfast in bed followed by a day of treats. There was the bouquet of red roses, chocolates and teddy bears. You leave the best present till last. Your partner follows a trail of notes that lead them to the back garden. Its approaching sun set on a beautiful summer’s day, the garden has been filled with candles and in the middle is a large red box tied with soft ribbon. Inside this box is another slightly smaller, inside that there is another, but inside the last box there is the platinum engagement ring. You approach from behind and with a soft loving voice and ask “Will you marry me?” – Enter Cliff-hanger.  

Not matter how you get to your own cliff-hanger make sure it is after a platinum engagement ring.