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What is the Trade-Up Trend?

A new upgrade trend is sweeping the world of platinum engagement rings – better known as the ‘trade-up’. If a bride doesn’t like the quality of her original ring, or if a couple find themselves able to afford the finer things in life, they can upgrade the engagement ring to a better model.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Unhappy Brides

When given free rein to shop for engagement rings, most men will go for something simple and with a smaller stone than their women might like. They underestimate their girlfriend’s love of diamonds, as well as the pressure for girls to get as big a rock as possible on their left hand. But rather than letting it be an engagement rings disaster, modern women are rectifying the situation by spending their own money on upgrading the ring to a better cut and higher carat of diamond. This way, they can be in control of the their engagement ring’s style, and get the look they really love. A good way for women to trade-up their ring is to shop online for a variety of different styles and find a higher-grade piece of jewellery at a competitive price.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Increased Incomes

Often when a couple meets and get married their incomes are relatively low, but as their careers improve and their earnings increase, they find they can enjoy the finer things in life. Suddenly that bargain ring no longer suits their image, and they decide to upgrade engagement rings. Depending on the size of their new wealth, this couple could opt for a huge high-carat diamond, or choose a more expensive material like platinum instead of gold or silver. They could go for a pricey coloured diamond – as seen on the engagement rings of celebrities like J-Lo and Heidi Klum – or they could choose a glamorous stone like emeralds or rubies.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Extra Romance

Trading up engagement rings has benefits other than just having a flashier rock on your hand. This time you can shop for the ring together, and relight that romantic spark you had when you first got engaged. The memories of your wedding will come flooding back and make you feel closer than ever. You could even consider going the whole way and renew your wedding vows before jetting off on a second honeymoon together. Engagement rings don’t have to be bought once and worn forever – trading up is fun and romantic.