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Engagement Rings: The Symbolism of Stones

Many people assume they should opt for traditional engagement rings, or they simply dare not ask their partners for a huge flashing diamond or twinkling ruby ring for that extra special touch. But a ring with that extra bit of bling can act as a lifelong reminder of your love for each other, as well as a fabulous fashion accessory. If you love mythology and symbolism, then you will love the process of deciding which precious stones will be best used to decorate your choice of engagement rings.

Platinum Engagement Rings with Diamonds

Engagement rings traditionally feature a stunning diamond (or several), which catch the light to sparkle and dazzle. But as well as looking stunning, a diamond is the perfect symbol for engagement rings. It stands for constancy, faith, joy, life, love, and most importantly of all, fidelity in personal relationships. If you want to make a true and lasting commitment to your partner through marriage, then a diamond engagement ring will suit you perfectly.

Platinum Engagement Rings with Rubies

If you like to buck traditional trends, then rubies can also adorn engagement rings to give them a magical touch. Not only is red the colour of fiery passion and love, but the ruby is a symbol of beauty, happiness, romance and positivity. Ruby engagement rings look fabulous in any setting, whether gold, white-gold, platinum or silver.

Platinum Engagement Rings with Emeralds

Emeralds are the perfect stone to give engagement rings a vintage twist. With their dazzling green facets, they look stunning on a woman with green eyes and auburn hair. The stone is also a symbol for peace and tranquillity, so it might help calm that fiery red head’s temper too! Some believe that emeralds also symbolise hope, so they are ideal if you’ve been through tough times together, whether in your own personal relationship or with family, health or money issues.

Platinum Engagement Rings with Sapphires

The gorgeous Sapphire, the birthstone for September, dazzles when set on platinum engagements rings, surrounded by a border of diamonds. Symbolising purity, truth, virtue and calmness, it is a soothing stone that can bring balance into a tempestuous relationship. They are also said to bring protection to the wearer, so they are a beautiful gesture from a man to his future wife.

Platinum Engagement Rings with Amethyst

A more unusual stone to consider for engagement rings is amethyst. Its vivid purple colour makes it ideal for more outgoing personalities, and looks striking against a platinum ring. The amethyst symbolises deep love, happiness, sincerity and wealth, so it is the perfect stone with which to start a prosperous and harmonious marriage. You can also buy stunning amethyst jewellery to match your engagement ring.