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Ring the Changes with Platinum

Engagement Rings

When your man gets down on one knee, you want to know that he's going to love and cherish you for the rest of your life. You also want to know that you're going to get an impressive rock which you'll wear with pride for years to come. In recent years, silver, white-gold and platinum wedding rings and engagement rings have become particularly popular, with many couples shunning traditional yellow gold in favour of more modern styles. Platinum engagement rings are a versatile option — the understated silver tones of this precious metal mean that it goes well with all kinds of stones and jewels, from traditional diamonds to more colourful gems such as sapphire and amethyst. What's more, being one of the rarest elements on the planet, platinum is a particularly special material, so choosing a pretty platinum engagement ring is the ideal way to show your future spouse just how much she means to you. Although platinum is very precious and makes for particularly stylish, elegant rings, it is also surprisingly durable. Many people prefer to keep their rings on at all times as a sign of their everlasting love and commitment to one another. This precious metal is so hard that platinum engagement rings and wedding bands are ideal for anyone who does manual labour or gets their hands dirty in their day-to-day life.

Wedding Rings

Platinum's chic silver colour and hardness means it's not only an excellent material for engagement rings; this expensive precious metal is also perfect for wedding rings. White-gold and platinum wedding rings have become increasingly sought after in recent years, with many couples preferring their understated silvery hues. One of the main benefits of platinum jewellery is that it looks great on men and women alike. Daintier 2mm rings look great on ladies with small hands, while chunkier 4mm platinum wedding rings are the perfect unisex option – ideal if you want to have matching rings. For men, larger 6mm wedding rings are a stylish but masculine choice. Whatever your tastes, whether you prefer bold colours and glittering gemstones or simple, understated options, there are platinum engagement rings and wedding bands available in all styles. So why not ring the changes with a perfect platinum piece for a stylish alternative to traditional yellow-gold styles?