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Engagement Rings: Settings And Stones

Platinum engagement rings have increased in popularity over the past few years, and as a result there are hundreds of different styles that you could choose from. To cut through the confusion of purchasing a platinum engagement ring for your loved one, follow this guide explaining your choice of settings and stones.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Stones

Dazzling diamonds are the perfect way to offset the beauty of platinum engagement rings. Their crystal-clear sparkle complements the silver shine of platinum, creating a match made in heaven. But how do you know which diamonds to choose, when there are so many different designs available? These are some of the most popular choices for platinum engagement rings:

•    Asscher - 
This cut has extra facets on an emerald diamond, giving it extra dimension and dazzle. Asscher diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for platinum engagement rings.

•    Round
 - This is the most common form of diamond to accompany platinum engagement rings, with 78% of all diamonds taking this shape.

•    Princess - 
This gorgeous type of diamond has intricate faceting for adding extra sparkle to platinum engagement rings.

•    Oval
 - Adding a twist to the round diamond, the oval creates a stunning effect on platinum engagement rings.

•    Marquise
 - This cut takes the traditional oval shape and adds pointed ends and rounded sides. For eye-catching platinum engagement rings that stand out from the crowd, this is the style to go for.

•    Radiant - 
A favourite among celebrities, the radiant diamond has underside cuts with increased facets for extra sparkle. Platinum engagement rings with a radiant diamond are guaranteed to get a good response from your girlfriend.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Settings

Now you know which diamond to opt for, you need to choose which setting is best for you. Platinum engagement rings come in a variety of settings, thanks to its pliability.that can create wonderful shapes. Here are some of the more common settings for platinum engagement rings:

•    Prong
 - The traditional setting for platinum engagement rings comprises three to six claws that hold the stone firmly in place in a metal ‘head’ or ‘basket’.

•    Three-stone 
- The three stone setting adds extra romantic connotations to platinum engagement rings, symbolising the past, present and future of your relationship. The most common form of this setting is to have one large stone in the centre, with two smaller ones either side.

•    Baguette - 
This setting features two rectangular stones on either side of a larger stone, creating a unique effect for platinum engagement rings.

•    Bezel -
This style is a metal rim with straight or scalloped edges that surround your platinum engagement ring’s stone. You can also choose a half-bezel, which leaves some of the diamond free from the metal rim.

•    Tension -
One setting that creates a stunning look for platinum engagement rings is the tension. A compression-spring pressure holds the stone firmly in place, giving the impression that it is floating.

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