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7 Marriage Happiness Secrets

One of our platinum wedding rings is what we at the Platinum Ring Company believe to be the best start to any marriage. Don’t make choosing the ring for your big day stressful or difficult, we have the widest choice on the net and we have very helpful staff on hand to guide you through the process and ensure you arrive at the right wedding rings for the two of you. Your marriage and your wedding ring are for life but there is more to a happy marriage that just one of our platinum wedding rings – so here are 7 secrets towards a happy life together.

1. Divorce? Never!

Entering matrimony with the mindset that “divorce is not an option” is vital for the long-term success of a marriage. This kind of mindset allows a couple to see solutions to marriage’s boiling points which would have otherwise been overlooked simply because one eye was too busy examining exit strategies. In the end, the old saying holds true: where your attention goes, energy flows. So the next time you’re facing a mountain in your marriage, focus on the next foothold and soon enough you’ll find yourself over the top.

2. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, only perfect moments.

Any time two individuals live together there are bound to be annoying, irritating, and frustrating experiences. But whether it’s the toothpaste cap, toilet seat, snoring, or the last-minute pull-the-car-over-to-check-the-score-of-the-game-at-the-local-pub move, one thing is for sure, the best marriages are served with an extra helping of acceptance for one another’s peccadilloes. Special moments are key and should always be cherished. Don’t focus on the negatives, think of the positive times, like the moment you exchanged your platinum wedding rings.

3. Unpack the rucksack

Unexpressed frustrations in a marriage can pile up and weigh us down like an overloaded rucksack. These accumulated frustrations can quickly turn into resentments, by opening the communication lines as frequently as possible the rucksack stays nice and light and easy to carry.

4. Never Stop Dating

It has been said that it’s the quality of time, not the quantity of time that matters. But research suggests it’s actually the quantity of quality time spent together that leads to a wonderful marriage. Whether it’s a holiday in the Bahamas, or simply spending a night at a local pub enjoying dinner once a week, keeping the romance burning is easy,  all you have to do is keep stoking the fire.

5. Join the CMAT Club

CMAT stands for ‘Can’t Miss A Thing’ and represents the idea that life is short, so make sure to enjoy as much as you can. The death rate for human beings hovers right around 100 percent and is expected to remain there forever. Consider this, if the average life span is 77 years, then that means we only have 77 summers, 77 winters, 77 Christmas mornings, 77 New Years and that’s it. Relish your sweetheart’s presence while he or she is still here.

6. The Discipline of Respect

You can have respect without love but you can’t have love without respect.

7. Get the right ring – you will be looking at it for along time!

Platinum wedding rings from the Platinum Ring Company - when you seal your special union make sure its with one of our rings. Your other half is not the only thing you will be looking at for the rest of your life - take a look at our rage today.