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Platinum Engagement Rings: Diamond Shapes

Platinum Engagement Rings: Diamond Shapes

When choosing the perfect platinum engagement rings, there are many aspects to take into consideration including the design and style of the ring as well as the cut of diamond, which varies considerably. The design and style along with the cut of the diamond are equally important. Diamonds and gemstones can be found in a number of different cuts, listed here are some of them:

Round Brilliant - The round brilliant is among the most elegant, classic cuts and is very popular amongst platinum engagement rings. To reflect a greater proportion of light, the stone has been perfectly rounded and also highly polished. The brilliance of the stones cut is the reason why that it was awarded this title.

Radiant/Emerald - These two cuts are very similar, they are both a rectangular shape. The emerald cut has become less popular since the early seventies due to its lack of light reflection; the emerald cut of stone is popular in antique and vintage style jewellery.Princess - This stone cut is square and the complex cuts of the corners are precisely what provides it with its brilliance.

The Princess - This stone cut is square and the complex cuts of the corners are precisely what provides it with its brilliance. The princess cut has become increasingly popular over the past 20 years especially in platinum and diamond engagement rings.

Oval - The oval cut is a rounded, elongated cut gemstone. It is cut to enhance the brilliance of the stone giving it a stylish look.

Heart - The heart shape gemstones have been used in lot of different settings of necklaces, rings and earrings. Recently it is now very popular in platinum engagement rings especially since The Saturdays Rochelle Wiseman stepped out wearing her heart shaped engagement ring.

Marquise - The shape of this stone is pointed at each end as well as gently rounded in the centre and also very slender. This is a very traditional diamond cut dating back hundreds of years.

Pear - This pear shaped diamond is quite simply the shape of the fruit, the cut is sometimes known as the teardrop. These types of cuts of diamond are well recognised and are very popular when picking out platinum engagement rings. For a full variety of engagement rings including a range of all of the diamond cuts mentioned in this article visit us at the Platinum Ring Company.