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The Facts about Platinum Engagement Rings

Now when choosing an engagement ring you may consider several things: do I have a diamond, if so what karat diamond should it be? What style; should I keep it simple or do I go for a more elaborate design?

One thing that many people consider is why should I choose a platinum engagement ring? Well without sounding too much like a science lesson, here are a few facts about platinum and why you should have a platinum engagement ring.  

The Science

Platinum is identified on the periodic table as Pt. The word platinum comes from the Spanish word ‘platina’ meaning ‘little silver’. Platinum is a ductile and malleable silvery- white metal. It has a melting point of 1772 degrees Celsius and does not oxide in air at any temperature. What this means is that platinum can easily be shaped and moulded to an individual piece of jewellery. And due to its properties, it is a very durable, long lasting precious metal that does not tarnish in air.  

Platinum vs. Gold

Platinum is a much denser metal and therefore weighs a lot more when compared to other metals such as gold. Unlike gold, platinum has a much better wear ability and will not have to be re-dipped. When wearing a white gold ring, you may find that eventually it will lose its colour and become yellow whereas platinum will always maintain its white colour and will never tarnish.  

The Jewellery

With all the practicalities and benefits of platinum, it is no wonder that it is a frequently used metal for engagement rings.  Its ductile ability allows it to be created into some of the most delicate and individual designs. When presented with a platinum engagement ring you will not help but notice its shine and remarkable finish.  

Our Platinum engagement rings

We have a wide range of rings to choose from, all individually created and finished to perfection. You will appreciate the hard work, effort and care that goes into each individual ring making each one special. We are able to provide you with a platinum engagement ring that will not go unnoticed.   Take a look at our platinum trilogy diamond or platinum solitaire diamond engagement rings.