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Pop the Question with Style

The role of engagement rings in marriage proposals shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may think it’s just the bit of jewellery you hand over to her in order to get her to say yes to a lifetime of ironing your shirts, but in actual fact, it is the key player. If you choose the wrong ring she might realise you don’t know her tastes well enough, or don’t love her enough to spend a bit of extra cash on her, and could say no. Or, if you present the ring to her in an unimaginative way, then she could be just as put off. This guide to choosing and using engagement rings will help guarantee you a resounding “Yes!”.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Choose Wisely

The key to wowing your future wife is by picking an engagement ring so stunning it will bring a tear to her eye. And the best way to do this is to know exactly what her tastes are. No matter how much money you spend on an engagement ring, or how big the diamond is, if it’s not her kind of style then it will be as unimpressive to her as a cheap trinket. Find out what she likes by taking into consideration her fashion sense and lifestyle. Is she a glamour girl with a wardrobe full of expensive heels and a bathroom full of pricey beauty products? Then chances are she will love big engagement rings with the bling factor. Is she a sporty, down to earth type who doesn’t wear much jewellery? Then go for something plain and simple that won’t look out of place on her hand. The success of your proposal depends on getting the engagement ring right.

Platinum Engagement Rings – How to Buy

Once you’ve worked out what kind of ring she would love the most, you need to find the best place to buy it. If you want to keep the proposal top-secret, then your best bet is to browse online for engagement rings rather than visiting stores – where you could be spotted by her or one of her gossipy friends. Online jewellery stores that specialise in engagement rings will not only have a huge choice of products, but will offer much lower prices than the high street. As long as you check the site has good security, your purchase will be perfectly safe, and you can have it delivered to your work address so she won’t suspect a thing.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Imaginative Proposals

Now you have your engagement ring, the next thing to consider is your proposal setting. Girls love imaginative romantic scenes that show you’ve made a lot of effort for her, so get your thinking cap on. Popping the question after a night in the pub just won’t cut it. You need to think about taking her away for a romantic weekend break, and pulling the engagement ring out at the top of the Eiffel Tower, by the Grand Canyon, or in a beautiful little restaurant on a tropical island. If she has a special interest such as skiing or scuba diving, then find a way to add that into your proposal, like taking her for a posh weekend in Courchevel or proposing on a dive boat surrounded by dolphins. Engagement rings have the benefit of being small and portable, so you can it take it anywhere to create her dream proposal.