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Choosing The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is intended to last for many years so it is worth doing some research before you decide which ring to buy. Follow our guide to picking the perfect engagement ring and what to look for once you have decided to make this once in a lifetime purchase.  

Deciding what to purchase

There can be few more significant decisions than asking someone to marry you. However before you do so, you need to consider what sort of ring you would like to give, or the two of you may prefer to choose the ring together. All beautiful engagement rings come at a price, so it is worth knowing what to look for before you start spending any money. There are many metals from which to choose for engagement and wedding rings. Some are formed of yellow gold, white gold or silver whilst others utilise new metals such as palladium. However, one of the most enduring choices is that of platinum engagement rings. If you are not used to making jewellery purchases it is essential to understand that the metal and indeed the diamond quality can vary significantly.  

Assessing the quality of the platinum

As with any major purchase, it is important to assess the level of quality you should expect for the money you are likely to pay. The platinum used in platinum engagement rings is alloyed with another metal or metals, with the highest quality platinum being PT950 or 95%. It is, however, important to determine what has been used for the other 5% and to ensure that it is the highest quality alloy. Mixing platinum with inferior materials can compromise durability which will decrease both longevity and value.  

Assessing the quality of the work

There is no substitute for good quality workmanship and the quality of platinum engagement rings can vary greatly. The best jewellers will employ a master craftsman who is experienced in working with platinum. Any engraving should be undertaken by hand rather than in a mass produced fashion. Similarly, experienced designers and craftsmen will ensure that the stones are correctly set, making for an elegant and durable finish to the ring.  

You can be assured of the highest quality platinum jewellery and workmanship if you decide to use the Platinum Ring Company.