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Caring for Your Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum engagement rings are a symbol of eternal love that stretches across lifetimes. And due to its high durability, the ring itself may even last that long, given the due care and attention such a special piece of jewellery requires. If you know how to look after platinum engagement rings, they will give you the gift of lasting longer than you ever thought possible. This guide to caring for your rings will help make that happen.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Proper Storage

Storing platinum engagement rings is the first key to helping them last a lifetime. If you have several pieces of jewellery stored in the same box, then make sure you tuck your ring away into a soft chamois bag, or even give it its own storage box. This will protect it from scratches and damage – the last thing you want to happen to your precious ring.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Take it Off

If you really want to treat your platinum engagement ring with the proper care and respect, then you should take it off and place it somewhere safe when doing manual or household chores. Dunking your ring into a sink of hot soapy water won’t do it any good at all if you have a diamond platinum engagement ring. And whilst putting it in contact with strong household cleaning chemicals won’t affect the hardy platinum, it could discolour any gem stones. You could also damage it if you take part in sports like rock climbing, cycling and kickboxing. Better to play it safe and take it off than risk losing or scratching it.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Clean it Up

Maintaining the highly polished look of platinum engagement rings is simply a matter of giving them a regular clean. Use specialist jewellery cleaner on a regular basis, or soak it in a mild solution of warm, soapy water, then rub with a soft cloth. For the ultimate in care, take your platinum engagement ring to a qualified jeweller with a platinum expert twice a year and ask them to give it a maintenance clean and touch-up. They will polish over any displacements in the platinum and care for the diamonds and gemstones as well.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Keep it Safe

As well as taking care of the physical appearance of your platinum engagement ring, you need to take measures to ensure its security. A high-value ring will hold great appeal to thieves, and you need to protect it from theft. The first thing you should do is get specialist insurance for the ring for both loss and theft. Then, if you do take it off for safe storage, ensure it is well hidden or under lock and key. If you’re visiting a country that is notorious for its crime rates, keep it hidden or take it off when you walk around so as not to attract unwanted attention. A bit of common sense will ensure your platinum engagement ring’s safety.

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