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Old and New Engagement Practices

Traditions such as engagements have become more and more elaborate over time, but the ideal behind the custom remains the same, the exchange of a token or tokens to announce the intended union of two people. The types of practices involved in this tradition varied from culture to culture as do the promises and tokens attached to this stage of life.

Originally an engagement was seen as the protection of the bride to be, or to proclaim the union of two families, today however, it has become a gesture of romance, love and commitment with the giving of a ring, such as diamond and platinum engagement rings. The gemstone diamond now also has an intrinsic connection with love.

Let us take a look at older engagement traditions.

In Victorian England, engagements could last between six months and a year, timescales were largely dependent on the future couples station in life and their family circumstances. A death in the family could delay the wedding for any length of time, between six months and two years, depending on the nearness of the deceased. If the death was not close enough to warrant deep mourning, i.e. two years, it would still require the halting of any planned fetes or celebrations for six months. Courting during this time would, therefore, require stamina and behaviour during this time was monitored closely, as young people were subjected to strict standards. Some examples of this are as follows; • A Young woman should never speak to a gentleman without being introduced. • A young single woman never “walked out” also, her chaperone had to be older and preferably married. • If the stage of walking out with a gentleman was reached during courtship then they were to walk apart, contact should only be had when the gentleman was offering his hand over rough spots unless they were engaged. • A young woman should never ride alone in a closed carriage with an unrelated gentleman or ever call on an unmarried gentleman at his home.• A young woman should not let a man in her home, is she was alone. • A young woman should not let a man in her home, is she was alone. • No improper conversation was to be had in front of a single woman.• No sexual contact before marriage. • No sexual contact before marriage.

Traditions of courtship or dating

Traditions of courtship or dating have very much changed since the Victorian era and at the Platinum Ring Company, we are especially proud of our modern platinum engagement rings, the ideal accompaniment for your romantic proposal. Whether you are looking for diamond and platinum engagement rings or for platinum wedding bands we have a great selection, all with free UK delivery!