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Engagement Rings: A Symbol of Love

When you get engaged, you want to choose a ring that will symbolise your love. And what better way than with platinum engagement rings? Platinum is so pure and so hard-wearing that it will last well beyond your expectations. You will be able to hand the ring down to your children and their children, and create a beautiful heirloom for generations to come. What better way for couples to commit to each other than to wear platinum engagement rings?

Platinum Engagement Rings – Long-Lasting

Platinum is the ultimate metal. Not only does it look beautiful, especially when offset with sparkling diamonds, but it is incredibly hard-wearing too. Platinum engagement rings usually have a purity of 90 – 95%, compared to 18 carat gold at only 75% pure, and 14 carat gold at only 58.5% pure. This makes platinum better value than other materials, as you are getting more metal for your money – also explaining the higher price of platinum engagement rings. Platinum has a far higher melting point than gold, and it will withstand wear and tear much better.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Stunning

Most couples tend to choose platinum engagement rings over gold because of their stunning appearance. Whereas gold can look old-fashioned, platinum looks up-to-date and trendy, and can match any style of outfit. Platinum engagement rings look fantastic with any kind of precious gems, whether diamonds, rubies, emeralds or a dazzling pink diamond like the one worn by Anna Kournikova. For modern couples, platinum engagement rings really are the only choice.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Gentle on Skin

For people with sensitive skin, finding jewellery that doesn’t cause irritations or rashes can be difficult. Platinum, however, is hypoallergenic thanks to its purity, so it will provide a far more comfortable wear than gold or silver. There would be nothing more depressing than having to take off your ring because it hurt to wear it, so look for platinum engagement rings to express your love.

Platinum Engagement Rings – A Sound Investment

When platinum engagement rings get ‘scratched’, it is actually a displacement of the metal rather than a loss of volume. So whereas gold rings may lose value over time because they have lost weight, platinum engagement rings maintain their weight and thus their value. Platinum is also much rarer than gold, and is becoming even more so. Investing in a platinum engagement ring now could prove highly profitable for the future.