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The Remedy to a Bad Proposal

For many men, proposing can be a daunting prospect. After spending time sussing out that she likes diamond and platinum engagement rings, the actual event itself must be planned. For many this starts will yet more sleuthing, this time to work out what your girl is looking for. Does she expect you to ask her father’s permission? Does she enjoy a surprise or would she prefer subtle hints? Would she want an intimate proposal or a grandiose public affair?  Before you get wound up with all the various questions, stop for a minute and remember that you know and love her, that’s the reason you are proposing! 

If you see a platinum engagement ring and think that she would like it, then she probably will. Use the information that you have about her, such as what sort of rings does she usually wear. One of the ultimate proposal faux pas is to take the bold choice of proposing without a ring. While there may be a valid reason such as a spur of the moment decision or wanting to let her choose the ring, this option will always look like you haven’t made an effort. Buying a platinum engagement ring, may be a way to revive your proposal attempt. 

Diamond platinum engagement rings are probably the safest option for trying to rescue a failed proposal attempt. Other risky proposal strategies include hiding rings in food, being drunk or by text message. Once your proposal has been accepted, the next step is to look for wedding rings. If you have opted for a diamond based engagement ring, then a diamond and platinum wedding ring will be a great choice to continue the theme. 

Wedding rings are in some respects even more exciting to choose, as both you and your partner are involved. The choice of engagement ring is often a secretive choice made by one partner for the other. Choosing wedding rings is a decision that you and your partner make together. This choice is most important as these are the rings that you will both wear every day, for the rest of your lives. Platinum wedding rings for men and women from the Platinum Ring Company are great value for money, while still offering high quality of product.