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Engagement Rings: One Stone or Three?

Are you finding it confusing looking through all the different varieties of platinum engagement rings, trying to find the perfect one for you? With literally thousands of designs on offer, it wouldn’t be surprising if you were finding it hard to make your choice. But at the end of the day, the diamond is the most important feature of the ring, and the part that everyone will want to admire when it sits sparkling on your hand. But the question is, how many rocks should you opt for? This guide to choosing the stones for your platinum engagement ring’s setting should help you make that all-important decision.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Solitaire Rings

Solitaire platinum engagement rings are the most popular style, with a single sparkler set in stunning platinum. But whilst they’re commonly found, they’re by no means boring, and you can find practically any style of solitaire engagement ring to suit your style. Another benefit is that because it is such a classic style of platinum engagement ring, everyone will instantly recognise that you’ve said “Yes”. These are just some styles of solitaire diamond platinum engagement rings that you could choose from:
  • The classic design with a simple diamond, in the carat of your choice, held in a simple setting on a band of beautiful platinum.
  • For more delicate fingers, opt for a thin platinum band with a dainty solitaire diamond.
  • Combine your platinum engagement ring with an eternity ring style by choosing a solitaire off-set by tiny diamonds going all the way round the band.
  • Choose a more unusual cut of solitaire diamond to offset your platinum engagement ring. Try a square cut, a diamond cut, or a pretty shape that resembles a leaf or flower petals.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Trilogy Rings

To make a greater impact with your platinum engagement ring, choose a trilogy style with three stunning diamonds instead of one. If you like to show other people that you have a bit of cash to splash, or believe that the more diamonds your ring has the more your man loves you, then the trilogy is for you. Platinum engagement rings with three rocks will create a dazzling effect on your hand, and add sparkle to any outfit you wear. These are just some of the styles you could choose from:
  • Three round diamonds of equal size, or with one larger central stone.
  • Square cut diamonds, again of equal size or with two smaller ones flanking a central sparkler.
  • A thin band adorned with tiny diamonds, set off with three stunning stones.