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Male Engagement Rings

Male Engagement Rings

Platinum wedding rings have a long, enduring tradition. And the exchange of platinum wedding rings is often a deeply emotional moment as a couple commit to each other and declare their love in front of family and friends. Wedding rings are solid – often simple bands – that can be worn throughout life no matter what. The fact wedding rings have to be worn every day accounts for their simplicity. It wouldn't be practical to have a ring that looked fitting with an evening gown but had too much 'bling' when worn with jeans and a t-shirt. And the simplicity has a certain masculine appeal for the groom. It's a functional, as well as romantic piece of jewellery. But now, reports have emerged about a new trend – where the grooms not only wear wedding rings, but embrace engagement rings too.

Diamonds – A Man's Best Friend?

Platinum engagement rings allow women to add a little glamour – often featuring a diamond or two. Unlike the simple wedding rings, engagement rings are often flashed and shown off. But it seems men want to indulge in a little glamour too. Now it's possible to buy engagement rings designed exclusively for men. But some claim it isn't just that men are becoming more image conscious, although the likes of David Beckham have certainly changed the male attitude to beauty. Men are more likely to worry about their looks, clothes and even jewellery – as Beckham is often spotted wearing diamond-encrusted rings, earrings and chains. It's not surprising then that more men want a more bling engagement ring to accompany their wedding rings. But in fact, some claim it's women who have created the market for male engagement rings. An increasing number of women are now more prepared to propose to their partner, rather than waiting to be proposed to – and to seal the question, they want to give their men an engagement ring too.

Platinum wedding Rings and Platinum engagement Rings?

Platinum wedding rings clearly signify that a man is spoken for. But now, women want more – they want their men to wear engagement rings to tell the world they are in a committed relationship. As today's engagements can last years, it's not surprising the demand for male engagement rings has arisen – whether it will take off however is another thing. The idea of a man flashing his engagement ring to his mates, showing off the size of its diamond is still a pretty bizarre one.