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Capture Your Proposal with a Photographer

Capture Your Proposal with a Photographer

Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we have written numerous pieces on proposal ideas over the years, from simple tips of sizing the platinum engagement ring from her existing jewellery to grand plans such as proposing with the help of a fortune teller! So here we are again with another imaginative proposal suggestion.

As Bride and Groom, you will be at the mercy of a photographer for large swathes of the wedding day. Many brides opt to even have them present while they prepare in the morning, ready to catch precious memories such as your dad looking nervous in a corner. While your platinum wedding ring will for ever be immortalised in the photos of your big day, the engagement process can often be forgotten in terms of lasting mementoes, with the exception of the ring itself of course.

So why not plan ahead and book a photographer at the same time as selecting the perfect platinum engagement ring for your intended? This plan would work best if you were to book a mini break in a touristy location, think the Lake District, London or perhaps you could take your princess to a castle (such as Conwy in North Wales). Then ask your photographer to take paparazzi style shots of you throughout the day and especially at the pivotal moment that you pop the question. That way you can record this moment and add it to the larger photographic record of your love for one another.

The reason for choosing a touristy destination is twofold in that it will provide both potentially great backdrops for the pictures and also the perfect cover for why a man is following you around with a large camera! Having an itinerary would be a good idea, and then if you get separated the photographer can find you. As previously noted the traditional memento of the proposal is the platinum engagement ring.

Here at the Platinum Ring Company we have a great selection of both traditional and modern styles of ring, making it the perfect place to find a platinum ring worthy of your love for one another.