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Why our Diamonds are Forever

Why our Diamonds are Forever

The Platinum Ring Company stocks the most exquisite platinum engagement rings available on the internet today. We consider ourselves experts in diamonds, they after all the key ingredient to a stunning engagement ring! We are continually reviewing interesting details and facts about diamonds.

It is very easy to understand why this gem is so valued and so commonly used in jewellery for rare and special occasions, such as engagements. Part 2 of our interesting facts about diamonds.

FACT: For every 1 million diamonds – only one will be off 1 carat or more. So any lucky lady with a 1 carat diamond or above is effectively 1 in a million!

FACT: Only 75% of Israel’s total earnings from exporting goods come from

FACT: Only 75% of Israel’s total earnings from exporting goods come from non diamond related products.

FACT: This might make you cry – 50% of a diamond is lost during the cutting and polishing process, can we have the dust! FACT: Across the entire world there is only Europe and Antarctica that don't have diamond mines.

FACT: 65% percent of the worlds total production of diamonds comes from South Africa.

FACT: Nearly one million people work in the diamond industry in India alone.

FACT: Apparently, according to a recent survey, only one percent of women will ever wear a diamond of one carat or more – but don’t tell your partner that or that will be his new excuse!

FACT: In ancient Greece it was believed diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to the ground.  

FACT: The biggest diamond in the world ever found weighed 3106 carats – that’s a lot of platinum engagement rings!

FACT: Many diamonds are 3,200,000,000 years old – this is an amazing two thirds of the world’s age!

FACT: One diamond gem of two carats will have a value of more than two times that of two individual one carat gems.

FACT: To find the perfect platinum engagement rings and one that will melt the heart of your wife to be, look no further than the Platinum Ring Company.