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Traditional vs. Modern Proposals

Traditional vs. Modern Proposals

Are you and your bride into the latest technology, fashion and anything modern or would you rather hold onto your classic Nokia brick and invest the money in experiences together? Either way we have some proposal inspiration for you. Take a look at the following modern and traditional wedding proposal ideas and let us know what you think!

Traditional Wedding Proposals

Has your other half dreamed since you met of you one day getting down on one knee, looking deep into her eyes and asking her to be your wife? Classic romance plays a big part in traditional wedding proposals but if you’re not a Casanova then don’t worry, read these points;
  • Are you eloquent with words? Then write your other half a sweet love note or maybe even a poem and leave it on her pillow for when she wakes up.
  • If they love animals you could always attach one of our lovely platinum engagement rings to your pet’s collar and see how long it takes to be noticed.
  • Go for a day out and at sunset arrange for you to end up at the place where you first met and get down on one knee. Even if it isn’t the most romantic of spots it will have meaning and resonance for you both.
  • For a classy public proposal ask for their hand in marriage at a restaurant. Get all dressed up and let the maître d in on the secret and the champagne can be waiting nearby on ice.
  • Finally there is the classic scavenger hunt. This will build up the suspense and excitement to see what the prize is at the end.

Modern Wedding Proposals

If you and your partner are into all of the latest gadgets and technology then you are probably permanently attached to your smartphone or computer. Then why not take advantage of this and create a very modern wedding proposal?

  • Do both of you work within IT? Then why not write your proposal in code? This geeky understanding between the both of you means that this is a truly personal proposal. 
  • Are you a fan of the website Reddit? Or perhaps just memes in general? Then why not take a cue from one of the writers at BuzzFeed, Len Kendall, who created his very own meme proposal using a lolcat’s catchphrase and emailed it to his girlfriend.
  • If your other half likes to get a good deal then she or he might use online deals and voucher websites. Why not surprise them by sending them ‘a great deal’ which is actually a fake Groupon offer to spend the rest of your lives together?

Asking Permission

Whether you are more inclined to the modern or traditional wedding proposal we think there are a few customs that should always be there. One such scenario being, asking for permission from your partner’s father before you propose. Yes we know that it’s not 1940 and that you paid for the stunning platinum ring yourself, but it is tradition and it will make a great impression on the future in-laws. So whether you’re a modernist, traditionalist or somewhere in between, don’t forget in the excitement of things – speak to dad first!