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Beyond the Honeymoon Period

There are a number of key moments in the lifetime of a relationship. From the heady first few months, to the head over heels engagement, to finally tying the knot. Once the marriage is over, there's still the honeymoon to look forward to, but after that, real life can come down like a ton of bricks. So much so, that a new trend of post-wedding depression is being tauted. Eternity rings offer a way for couples to re-assess their values and vows, helping create a sense of love, security and commitment. Eternity rings are traditionally worn on the same finger as your wedding band, and with a circle of diamonds, eternity rings are certainly one way to put the sparkle back into your marriage.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Beyond the Honeymoon

Research shows that the honeymoon period officially lasts two years, six months and 25 days after a couple have married. A poll by a global research company discovered that seven in ten men feel so comfortable with their wives that they're happy to leave dirty underwear lying around; 79% leave the toilet seat up, and a third of couples say they stop bothering celebrating their wedding anniversary after the third year. After just two years, women are more likely to forgo make-up, as they take their partners increasingly for granted. Eternity rings are one way of tapping into the initial romance most couples experience in the first two years of marriage, helping those who have been married for a number of years rekindle their romantic flame.

Can't be Bothered?

The poll said two thirds of wives stop bothering to dress up for their husbands with 61% admitting they swap their work clothes for comfy but not very sexy tracksuit bottoms and pyjamas after work. It also revealed particularly selfish behaviour around the TV remote control with 75% saying they wouldn't relinquish it to their partners, even if they asked nicely. Eternity rings may be much needed for those couples who have simply forgot why they got married in the first place. The poll focused on couples who had been married for more than ten years. Investing in eternity rings is one way of getting out of a rut where partner's take their other half for granted. The poll also found 83% of the couples polled held hands in the first few months of marriage, but now just 38% of them regularly hold hands.

Rekindle your Marriage with Platinum Eternity Rings

The statistics continue to paint a depressing picture – buying eternity rings is one way of bucking the unromantic March of married life. 60% of those questioned said they hadn't had a surprise romantic night out since their wedding day, with 40% missing out on breakfast in bed together since the day they wed. A distressing 79% felt small gestures such as flowers or cups of tea in bed were things of the past after the second anniversary – if it rings a bell, maybe it's time you considered surprising your partner with the gift of eternity rings and rekindled your romance.