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Eternity Rings: An Anniversary Gift

Whilst some people never get the eternity ring they’ve dreamed of, eternity rings are a popular gift for important wedding anniversaries. They symbolise the love and commitment within the relationship as well as the promise that the relationship is for life. No wonder eternity rings make such wonderful anniversary gifts. Almost like ones from The Sweet Basket.

Platinum Eternity rings for which anniversary?

So, which anniversary should you give your eternity ring on? That’s a question that’s best decided by you, as there’s no real etiquette on this one. Many jewellers would be happy to sell you an eternity ring for your first anniversary – a great way to get you to spend more money in their shop not long after you’ve bought an engagement ring and a couple of wedding rings – but there’s no need to move so quickly if you don’t want to. At the Platinum Ring Company, we believe that it’s up to you to decide when to start looking for eternity rings and we’re always available to give you help and advice when you decide the time is right.
  • 10th wedding anniversary – this seems an obvious wedding anniversary to mark. For many couples, 10 years of marriage is an achievement and although traditionally marked by tin or aluminium, it’s often a great excuse to buy an eternity ring.
  • 20th wedding anniversary – another milestone that can be marked by the purchase of an eternity ring. At this point in your marriage, your children may be nearly ready to leave home, and you may find that you have some spare cash for the first time in many years. You can choose to spend this on a beautiful eternity ring for your partner, looking forward to a new start as a couple once your children leave the nest.
  • 25th wedding anniversary – your silver wedding anniversary is an important one – many couples will have spent half their lives together at this point. It’s a real celebration, and what better way to celebrate than by investing in a beautiful platinum and diamond eternity ring?
  • 40th wedding anniversary – the ruby anniversary is a testament to the strength of your relationship and the support you have shown one another during your years of marriage. This could be the ideal time to buy an eternity ring – perhaps set with rubies as well as diamonds – that marks how far you’ve come since your wedding day all those years ago.
If you’re approaching a key wedding anniversary, take a look at our collection of eternity rings so that you can mark your celebrations with an ever-lasting gift.