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Wedding Rings: Platinum Is Forever

When many people think of traditional wedding rings, the first influx of images are generally gold and white gold rings. Some may be encrusted with small diamonds whereas some may be plain but there is a general consensus that wedding rings are usually made from gold or white gold.

When choosing your wedding ring, make sure you break away from tradition with a stunning platinum wedding ring. Despite breaking away from tradition, please do not assume that platinum wedding rings are too different to appeal to everyone. These stunning wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings are often described as being timeless and elegant.

A ring that can be described using both of these adjectives is a ring that you are likely to want to grace your ring finger as a symbol of your love for your partner forever. Unlike gold and white gold wedding rings, you won’t find platinum at every jewellery store.

This precious metal is much more exclusive. This exclusivity also extends to its pureness; platinum is 95% pure compared to white gold that is only 75% pure. This is a factor that appeals to many people when considering the precious metal for their wedding ring. Due to the fact that platinum is such a pure metal, it is also hypoallergenic which is a factor that also appeals when choosing wedding rings.

Platinum is a precious metal as are gold and silver. It is a common perception that purchasing gold jewellery is a good investment in the long term however Platinum is also a fantastic investment that is just as good as gold.

Alongside being financially good in the long run, your platinum wedding ring will also be a reflection of inner beauty and style. As is the case with gold rings, platinum wedding rings, and indeed platinum eternity rings, can be encrusted with diamonds or have a simple design.

At the Platinum Ring Company, we have a wide range of beautiful rings ranging from patterned and two colour designs to plain and diamond. Whilst the saying is “diamonds are forever,” here at the Platinum Ring Company we believe that platinum is forever. To find out more about this exquisite precious metal and to view the rings in our collection, visit our website today or contact us for more information.