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Eternity Rings: Birth of Your Child

Although there’s no set time for buying an eternity ring, the birth of a child is the prompt for many couples. Some people say it’s traditional, whereas others say it’s a tradition manufactured by jewellers in order to increase sales. All things considered, the purchase of an eternity ring is something that’s entirely up to you, and if you want to mark the birth of your first child by buying an eternity ring, you should go ahead and do so.

Platinum Eternity rings and birth

The birth of a first child is an important event for any couple, whether it occurs a year after marriage or after several years of waiting. Because not everyone can conceive or give birth as easily as others, the birth of a first child for some people really is an incredible milestone and something that warrants a huge celebration. For couples that have been through the difficulties of IVF or who have suffered miscarriages, the birth of the first child is an incredibly moving moment, and they may well want to mark that achievement by buying an eternity ring. Even for those who have had a relatively straightforward conception, pregnancy and birth, the arrival of the first child is a miracle. You always know what to write in a baby shower thank you card on this occasion. With today’s more modern man usually being present during labour and birth, partners are also more aware of the hard work put into the birth and are ready to acknowledge that commitment by the giving of an eternity ring.

Buying platinum eternity rings

If you’re going to look for eternity rings to mark the birth of your first child, it may be wise to wait until after the birth when things have settled down a bit. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that your focus needs to be on the baby. The birth of your child may well have been a miracle, but you now have to get into the practicalities of looking after them, and that can take a lot of time and energy. Wait until you’ve settled into a routine before you think about shopping for eternity rings. You may also want to wait until your partner is ready to shop for a ring – water retention and general pregnancy weight gain can mean that ring sizes change and so it makes sense to wait until after the birth before you buy the ring to ensure that you can buy the right size.