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The Secrets of Everlasting Love

Wearing eternity rings and watching your spouse grow old with you is perhaps one of the most cosseted things in life. We all want to meet our soul mate, someone who will stick with us through thick and thin and provide love, humour and support. And for those couples who have already found their partner in life, eternity rings are a way of confirming a marriage, like retaking your marriage vows. Eternity rings can be a gesture of love after a rocky period, an expression of commitment after a first wedding anniversary, or a token of how much you value each other after the birth of a first child.

Platinum Eternity Rings for Everlasting Love

But not all couples are destined to grow old together. Eternity rings are symbolic of everlasting love, and yet the reality can be different. In today's world, it seems finding a life partner is harder than ever as more singletons resort to Internet dating or speed dating. So from those who have already had long happy marriages, what are the secrets of their success? One of the longest marriages in Britain is that of a Midlands couple who celebrating 74 years of marriage last year. Bert Batty, 98 and wife Zona, 96, met on a street in Redditch and married in 1933. Over their long marriage, they had four children, 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. It seems if you want to wear eternity rings into old age, a large family is important. But Mr Batty said old fashioned romance was crucial too. He told the BBC: “I thought I'd never seen anyone so beautiful in all my life. From then on I only wanted to see beautiful girls. So I saw a lot of Zona.”

The Secrets of a Long Marriage

Standing by each other through thick and thin is also another important trait for couples looking to wear eternity rings into old age. The Batty children praised their mother for standing by their father 'through thick and thin, no matter what – even if he has made a wrong decision.' Backing your partner 100% seems to count for a lot. Good reasons to marry are primarily that you're in love, you're ready to make a commitment and have decided that you want to be together forever. And you are realistic and accepting of each others' faults and failings. If you share the same values and are ready to start a family, you have a good grounding for a long and happy marriage.