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The Promise of Eternity

If there are couples that deserve to wear eternity rings it's those that have been married for what must feel like an eternity! A number of couples have entered the Guinness Book of World Records for becoming the oldest married couple.

Herbert and Magda Brown in Philadelphia, America entered the record books in 2005, when the husband was 105-years-old, and his wife a 100. Remarkably he was a Dachau Concentration Camp survivor. If anybody deserves eternity rings to mark a unique and enduring marriage it's the Browns. Their record breaking union was determined by their combined age (205 years and 293 days), their marriage at this point was 74-years long. Eternity rings at any age are the most romantic gesture, and no matter what your age, expressions of love are always appreciated. It's never too late to inject a little romance!

Platinum Eternity Rings – A Marriage Lasting an Eternity

The Browns pipped English couple Percy and Florence Arrowsmith to the post by just a few days. The Brits were also 105 and a 100 years-old, although Percy Arrowsmith died in June 2005. Eternity rings can be an expression of true love in marriage. The secrets of a long and happy marriage have been put down to perhaps obvious things like never arguing only 'discussing', no drinking, no smoking, no gambling and eating healthy food with daily exercise.

Platinum Eternity Rings for all Ages

On Valentine's Day 2008, one couple proved you're never too old to wear eternity rings – even if you find love later in life. Cyril and Madge Sergeant married each other aged 89 in a church wedding, proving you're never too old to get wed.

Wearing eternity rings or exchanging wedding rings doesn't always follow the conventional routes – this couple married after a whirlwind 18-month romance. The pair show that true love can be around the corner no matter how old you are, eternity rings aren't just for those with their whole lives ahead of them, but can be a way of making the most of the few years left.

Mr Sergeant said he and his new wife were 'made for each other'. Eternity rings are a common choice for a pair's ruby anniversary, but as more couples marry later in life, more couples are making up their own minds when the time is right to invest in eternity rings.