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The Half Eternity Ring

When people say they have an eternity ring, they’re often talking about a half eternity ring rather than a full version. The only difference between the two is that full eternity rings are set with stones – usually, diamonds – all the way around the band, whereas a half eternity is only set around half the band.

Why half platinum eternity rings are popular

You might think that full eternity rings would be more popular than half eternity rings because there are more precious stones in the setting, but actually, jewellers sell far more half eternity rings than they do full ones. There are several reasons for this:
  • Visibility of stones – when you are wearing a full eternity ring, you can only see half of the stones because the rest are in the part of the ring that’s on the underneath side of your finger. That means that you don’t get the full benefit of all those stones even when you’re wearing the ring.
  • Cost – full eternity rings will obviously cost more than the half version because they are using twice the number of stones. When people are trying to keep costs down.
  • Size – one of the biggest drawbacks for full eternity rings is sizing. With a plain band, or a band that has stones set on the top of it, jewellers can easily re-size the ring to fit. When the ring is already set all the way round with stones, re-sizing is impossible, and so jewellers take a risk when they stock these rings.
For all these reasons, it makes sense to look at half eternity rings rather than full ones when it comes to shopping for your own eternity ring. That way, you can choose from the wide variety of styles, metals, stones and designs rather than being constrained by a full eternity ring. Half eternity rings still look absolutely dazzling, especially the combination of platinum and diamonds, which brings a real touch of class to any eternity ring.