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Eternity Rings – Stones and Settings

Like engagement rings and, more recently, wedding rings, eternity rings can come in a wide variety of styles. Although the traditional eternity ring is a simple band set with diamonds, you can now find a wide choice of stones, settings and band types in the eternity ring market. What you choose is up to you but with eternity rings becoming more popular, you can find something that suits your tastes and your budget.

Platinum eternity rings – the band

Most eternity rings are built around a simple band which, like the wedding band, symbolises the everlasting nature of your love for your partner. Traditionally, these bands are set with stones – usually diamonds, and so are single bands. Today’s jewellers, however, use various types of bands and various precious metals in order to create a range of beautiful eternity rings. These include:
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Coloured gold, such as yellow, white and rose
  • Intertwined bands
  • Patterned bands
  • Eternity rings – the stones

Again, the traditional choice of precious stone for eternity rings is diamonds and most eternity rings in jewellery stores and online are still set with just diamonds, giving a stunning look to a beautiful ring. There are, however, other stones that can and are used in eternity rings, including sapphires, emeralds and rubies, so that couples can choose stones that match their engagement rings or that have some particular significance to them. These stones can be set alternately with diamonds to create a stunning effect. The cut of the diamonds and other stones can also be varied, giving eternity rings a new sparkle.

Platinum eternity rings – the setting

Eternity rings are traditionally set with diamonds that fit into the band – so the stones are not standing proud of the band as they do in most engagement rings, for example. There are a number of settings that can be used for eternity rings:
  • Claw – each stone is held in place by metal prongs. A practical setting, but not always the most attractive.
  • Grain – tiny grains of metal are raised from the band and used to hold the stone in place.
  • Channel – a channel is worked around the band and the stones set within it.
When looking for eternity rings, it’s always worth asking about the setting and how secure the stones are in the ring, to avoid the possibility of losing a stone whilst the ring is being worn.