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Eternity Rings: Standing up for Marriage

Marriage as an institution is said to be struggling. So much so that the Tory leader David Cameron has spoken out, saying that if they were in government they would lay out new proposals to benefit married couples, such as tax breaks and benefit reforms. Making a marriage a long and successful one is not just about how society treats the institution, but how couples value their union. Investing in platinum eternity rings is one way of reaffirming your marriage vows and publicly expressing your continued commitment, love and devotion.

Renew your Vows with Platinum Eternity Rings

David Cameron believes that by strengthening the institution of marriage, we would help to mend what he calls Britain's 'broken society'. The Tory highlighted problems such as drug abuse, crime and teenage pregnancy as being out of control compared to the rest of Europe. Creating tax breaks for married couples he said, is crucial. Cameron believes society's ills are closely tied to family breakdown. Platinum eternity rings are one way of reinforcing a marriage and reminding couples of the commitment they made to each other on their wedding day. Cameron said in a speech on the issue in 2007: “Many couples choose not to get married, and that is absolutely their decision. The point I'm making is that marriage is a good institution. It should be supported. It should be recognised in the tax system.”

Platinum Eternity Rings – Reaffirm your Marriage

But it isn't just about financial tax breaks. Marriage pays in more ways than one, revealing that those who live longer, healthier and happier lives are married. Feeling secure, loved and regular affection is crucial for our well being – investing in platinum eternity rings is one way of saying your marriage is forever. Cameron also believes marriage is better for children, he said half of unmarried couples split before their children reach five years old, compared to one in 12 married couples. Commitment in terms of a marriage certificate, wedding vows and the continued reaffirmation of a union in the shape of wedding anniversaries and platinum eternity rings helps couples feel secure in their relationships. Cameron's report, Breakthrough Britain believes that the current system encourages single parents and broken families, he stated: “We need a big cultural change in favour of fatherhood, in favour of parenting, in favour of marriage.”