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Romantic Movies and True Love

Buying eternity rings is perhaps the most romantic gesture you can make for a loved one. Eternity rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who don't want to get married but do want to live their lives together. More traditionally, eternity rings are used to mark a special anniversary or moment in a married couple's life. The birth of a child, a monumental anniversary, or overcoming one of life's many trials can trigger the emotional desire to invest in eternity rings. Eternity rings often feature a line of diamonds or gemstones that encircle the ring as a symbol of the endlessness of eternity. And to accompany such a romantic notion, there are some perfect romantic movies.

From Here to Eternity

Eternity rings tap into the classical idea of romance and true love – the idea that two people are complete soul mates, meant to live together for the rest of their lives. And it's this romantic notion that is the backbone of many classic films. Hollywood is in fact a great place to turn if you're looking for a little inspiration to say the right words when you exchange eternity rings with your loved one. Perhaps one of the most contemporary films that has gone down in romantic movie history is Jerry McGuire with the lines: 'You complete me' and 'You had me at “hello”'.

Eternity Rings and Hollywood Romance

Casablanca, Brief Encounter and Gone with the Wind are early classics that set the standard for the ultimate romantic flick. Exchanging eternity rings will probably be the most romantic moment in your life, so snuggling down to some classic romance movies is a great way to get into the mood. In fact, aspiring to the levels of romance portrayed by Hollywood is something all of us dream of. If your relationship is so deep that you both wear eternity rings, there can be nothing more moving than watching love stories such as Bridges of Madison County and tragedies such as Titanic, that show even after death, love can last an eternity.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Say it with Everlasting Diamonds

Before Sunrise, The English Patient, Four Weddings and a Funeral and An Officer and a Gentleman are just a few of the thousands of films that have inspired generations of lovers. In fact, examine the plot of the majority of films and you'll find beating at their heart is more often than not a love story. Whether it's Romeo and Juliet, When Harry Met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Moulin Rouge, Moonstruck or Sleepless in Seattle – the idea that true love lasts an eternity is a common theme. And if you're lucky enough to feel the same way about the loved one in your life, what better way to express it than with eternity rings?