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Eternity Rings: A Romantic Gesture

There’s nothing like a romantic gesture to make us feel special and loved. Some people are naturally romantic, whilst others have to really work at it – and plan well ahead in order to achieve the desired effect. But which is “romantic”? Eternity rings, for some, are the ultimate in romantic jewellery, whereas, for others, a bunch of flowers at the right time can do the trick.

Why platinum eternity rings are romantic

There are several reasons why eternity rings are thought to be romantic:
  • Symbolism – the band of the ring itself symbolises ongoing and ever-lasting love, just as your wedding band did when you first got married. Echoing that symbolism with a new ring is very romantic.
  • Acknowledgement – sometimes the most romantic gestures are the ones that are an acknowledgement of the time you have spent together and can be particularly poignant if you have recently gone through a difficult time in your relationship. Knowing that the other person in your partnership values you and cares for you is important and eternity rings are a clear acknowledgement of the strength and depth of your relationship.
  • Occasions – eternity rings are often given to mark special occasions. For many couples the occasion is an anniversary, such as the 10th or 25th; for others it is the birth of a child. You can give eternity rings at any time, though, so why not pick a date that is particularly special to you both – the anniversary of the day you met, for example, to add extra romance to the occasion.

Platinum Eternity rings as gifts

If you’re planning a romantic gesture, is now the right time to buy an eternity ring? There’s actually no right or wrong time to give an eternity ring – the best time is when you feel it’s the right thing to do. Eternity rings aren’t the only romantic gifts you can buy, and they can be expensive, which is why you should decide exactly when to give your eternity ring so that it means something special to both you and your partner. Remember that in order to be a truly romantic gift, the eternity ring needs to be given for a reason, and needs to symbolise your ongoing feelings for and commitment to your partner.