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Eternity Rings: the Birth of Your First Child

Eternity Rings: the Birth of Your First Child

Platinum eternity rings for women are a great gift to show your love and respect for the mother of your child on the birth of your first child.  Here at the Platinum Ring Company we have a fantastic selection to choose from, including both claw and channel settings. Eternity rings have been given to loved ones for centuries and over time the traditions around them have shifted.

Early sources suggest that the Egyptians used them to symbolise eternal life and love, in the place of wedding rings. In more modern times, we have incorporated the concept of platinum wedding rings into the betrothal process and as such eternity rings tend to be given to mark anniversaries. When to give platinum eternity rings is therefore open to debate in the modern era.

In terms of wedding anniversaries, the diamond anniversary is not celebrated until the 60th year of marriage. As this is a very long time to wait, many choose to buck tradition and present a gift of a diamond ring on the 10th anniversary.  Diamond eternity rings were popularised in the late sixties by an American company, who had shares in Russian diamonds. As Russian diamonds tend to be smaller, they identified an opportunity to create eternity rings with multiple, smaller, stones inlaid.

Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we are fond of the idea of presenting a beautiful platinum eternity ring as a gift to the mother of your child, when your first child is born. This fits the traditional symbolism of the piece in that it represents the circle of life and love.

At this special time you may also be looking for a special gift for your new addition and personalised baby presents are a fantastic choice. Personalised gifts are great for marking special anniversaries in much the same way as platinum rings. Personalised baby presents such as blankets, bears and money boxes are a great choice as they can be treasured for many years to come. Why not have your platinum eternity ring and baby present engraved with the date of the birth or your child’s initials?