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Are Men Getting Choosier Than Women?

Traditionally, platinum wedding rings were perhaps a little more significant to the bride rather than the groom. However, modern men are far more willing to wear jewellery and as personal image becomes more important to both sexes, men are now becoming a little choosier about their wedding rings than before.

The simple gold band is still very popular, but many men prefer the subtler sheen of a silver-coloured metal. As silver is rarely used for wedding rings, platinum has become increasingly popular with men who want something that is individual and different but still acts as a strong symbol of their devotion to their partner.

Platinum is a very rare metal – 30 times rarer than gold – so it appeals to those who are looking for something that is unique and a little more individual than more common metals. Platinum is also much heavier than gold, which appeals to men who may prefer a more robust piece of jewellery. The metal is also less prone to scratching than softer gold – again more suitable for men who may do more heavy manual work and need something that will resist everyday ‘wear and tear’ a little more successfully.

Platinum wedding rings lend themselves particularly well to more modern designs, giving them an almost ‘industrial’ feel but still retaining the beauty of an elegant and stylish piece of jewellery. The high commercial value of the metal also gives it greater significance to some customers.

The variety of designs now available mean that both men and women have more to choose from; selecting a design that represents not only their union and the bond between them but their individuality and personalities as well.

Celtic bands are increasingly popular as an alternative to the classical designs, representing the intertwining of two strands in a never-ending cycle – a perfect symbol for a wedding ring. The Celtic designs are popular amongst men who may be looking for a wedding ring that is decorated but has a certain ‘masculine’ quality to it as well. It is inevitable that as the range of wedding ring designs increases, men will become more choosy about the kind of ring they want to wear.

Platinum offers both men and women an elegance and uniqueness that is both modern and timeless – an ideal choice and the perfect symbol of a union that will endure the test of time.