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Facts About Rings

Fascinating Wedding Ring Facts

Platinum wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular today but rings have been part of wedding ceremonies for centuries.  There are many different traditions which have contributed not only to the use of rings in wedding ceremonies but to the way that wedding rings are worn today; some of these traditions have their foundations in romance whilst others are based on practicality. It is has been claimed that the reason that a ring was chosen to be used during wedding ceremonies was because of its shape; the unbroken circle represents never ending love. 

This sentiment becomes even more romantic when you consider that the ring finger was chosen because of the belief that a vein (the ‘vena amoris’) ran between it and the heart.  As platinum wedding rings are so durable as well as beautiful they would certainly support the theme of unending love. There are other stories behind the decision to choose the third finger as the ring finger; some say that it comes from the time when a groom would place the wedding ring on his bride’s thumb, index finger and middle finger to represent the Holy Trinity, before finally placing it on the ring finger where it would remain. 

In the 17th and 18th centuries the wedding ring could be placed on any finger or even on the thumb! For those who are maybe a little less romantic and a little more practical there is another theory as to why the left hand ring finger is often chosen for the wedding ring: most people are right handed, therefore the left hand is less used and the ring finger is the least used finger. 

With a platinum wedding ring it doesn’t matter how much you use your hands because of its durability and tarnish free properties. Of course, whilst most people in Western Europe will wear their wedding ring on their left hand, this isn’t the case for everyone. 

People who live in Eastern or Southern Europe, belong to certain cultures or follow certain religions wear their wedding rings on their right hands.  Men didn’t wear any wedding ring at all until the 20th century, but now they get to enjoy wearing platinum wedding rings too!