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Caring for your Platinum Wedding Ring

As with any metal platinum does scratch, although it is more robust and durable than a softer metal such as gold. Wedding rings are more likely to be worn constantly so the fact that they are less likely to scratch through everyday ‘wear and tear’ is a good reason to choose platinum wedding rings. Over time, platinum develops a patina that many people find as attractive as a polished surface, but to look after your platinum jewellery there are a few simple things you should remember.

Platinum is resistant to acid, but strong alkali solutions can damage the surface of the metal so it is always best to have platinum professionally cleaned. If your platinum jewellery or wedding rings have gemstones included in the design, avoid wearing it if you are handling harsh chemicals such as bleach.

Although the chemicals will not damage the metal they may affect the gemstones by discolouring them or affecting the polished surface. As stated before, platinum can be scratched, although it is more durable than other metals. It is, therefore, a good idea to remove your wedding ring before doing any manual labour such as gardening or working on your car.

Platinum jewellery can be easily cleaned using warm water with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. The surface of the metal will develop a patina over time, but if you prefer the polished look it may be wise to have your platinum jewellery professionally cleaned once in a while to restore it to its original shine. Look for jewellers who specialise in platinum jewellery and are experienced in dealing with this unique metal. They can also deal with any repairs or resizing that may need to be carried out.

When storing your platinum jewellery with other items, it is best to place it in a soft pouch to prevent it from being scratched. An individual ring box is an ideal place for storing wedding rings when not being worn as again, this will prevent its surface from being scratched by sharp edges on other items of jewellery.

Although silver is a popular metal in jewellery making, some people cannot wear it because of a sensitivity to other metals that are present in silver jewellery such as trace amounts of copper. Previously, the only alternative was gold, but because of its purity, platinum jewellery is an alternative that will not cause a reaction in those who have sensitive skin.