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Perfect Platinum Wedding Rings

Gold wedding bands and eternity rings are the traditional choice for couples getting married. While in the past it was often only the woman who was given a wedding ring, now it is typical for both the bride and groom to receive a wedding band to remind them of their love and of the vows they have made to one another.

Nowadays, however, many couples are moving away from the plain yellow-gold wedding band to embrace different options which suit their personal style. White gold has increased in popularity in recent years and platinum wedding rings are also a modern favourite, especially with style-conscious romantics.

Exchanging platinum wedding bands is a wonderfully understated way to show your love for one another. It's the most precious metal on the planet, so wearing platinum wedding rings is the best way to prove that your other half is utterly priceless.

Platinum is silver-coloured and looks rather like silver or white gold to the untrained eye. This means that although it is one of the rarest metals to be found in the earth's crust, a platinum wedding band does not have to be an ostentatious choice. Platinum comes in a variety of finishes, so you can choose a highly polished look or a chic brushed effect, depending on your preference. Wedding rings made from platinum are a versatile choice.

Men's plain brushed platinum wedding rings are perfect for grooms who want to wear a wedding band to demonstrate their commitment whilst still maintaining a strong masculine edge. The unique dark silver tone of platinum jewellery also looks elegant and stylish on a female finger, making platinum wedding rings the ideal choice for both men and women.

A slim 2mm platinum wedding ring always looks elegant on a lady's hand, while chunkier styles and brushed finishes are an excellent option for men, as they are stylish without being effeminate. What's more, as it's quite a hard, dense metal, platinum is less likely to get damaged during manual labour than some other precious metals, including gold.

Therefore, although rare and expensive, platinum is a hardwearing choice for those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Whatever your preference, from slim, shiny rings to large chunky brushed finishes, the wide range of platinum rings available means that you're bound to find something to suit your style.