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Facts About Rings

Cultural Wedding Traditions

Platinum wedding rings are one of the most common types of wedding ring in the UK and US.  As are what we could call traditional white church weddings, cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet. It’s easy to become absorbed in the cultures and traditions of your own country but it can be equally interesting to look into wedding practices of other countries around the world.

The wedding ring is an item common across many cultures during wedding ceremonies, in British culture; diamond platinum wedding rings are probably the most common type of ring. In India the wedding ring is not placed on the left hand as it is in the UK but rather on the toe. 

Russian Catholics on the other hand wear what is known as a trinity ring to represent their marriage. The Russian Catholic trinity ring consists of three interlocking rings all of different colour, usually white gold, rose gold and standard gold. The rings represents the forming of a union or lock in the form of marriage. In Hawaii, wedding rings are specially engraved with the husband's name in an intricate antique style font and generally darkened to make them blend in with the rest of the ring.

The Claddagh ring is the ring given as part of an Irish tradition and consists of a crowned heart, cupped between two hands - representing loyalty, love and friendship. The ring is worn either upright or face down which reflects the marital status of the wearer.

The Turkish puzzle ring is said to have been designed over 2000 years ago by a jealous Turkish gypsy traveller who wanted to prove whether or not his wife was being true to him. The tale behind the ring is that once the ring was removed, it would fall apart and nobody except the gypsy knew how to re-construct it. His wife was therefore forced to keep the ring on her finger forever. Generally, Turkish puzzle rings comprise 4, 5, 6 up to 24 pieces; the sections fit together in an ornate fashion and resemble Celtic knotwork.

Our platinum wedding rings are beautifully ornate; however, they remain in one piece. It would be hoped that the extreme measures taken by the designer of the Turkish puzzle ring would not need to be quite so severe in our modern day culture and that the union and promise of marriage would be enough to form a long lasting and loving union. Take a look at our range online.