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Platinum Wedding Rings: A Investment

If you’re looking for durable jewellery that holds its value, consider Platinum wedding rings. There was a time when wedding bands were plain and mainly worn by women. Today, thereâs a huge choice of wedding bands available to both men and women and one of the fastest growing markets is platinum wedding rings.

Why Platinum Wedding Rings Are Popular

There are a number of reasons why platinum wedding rings are becoming more desirable. Demand for platinum wedding rings began to take off in the UK in the 1990s, and as our celebrity-driven culture has grown, our own choices are being affected by what we see in the celebrity pages. Many of the rich and famous choose platinum wedding rings and other jewellery because it is often more stylish and always more expensive than gold. Able to be moulded into delicate shapes and patterns as well as just a simple band, platinum wedding rings give you the opportunity to buy a work of art as well as a piece of jewellery. In today's market, although platinum wedding rings are still generally more expensive than their gold counterparts, you can still get your wedding band for a reasonable price if you know where to shop.

Why Buy Platinum Wedding Rings

One of the biggest advantages of buying platinum over gold is its strength and durability. Platinum wedding rings are made of purer metal than gold ones and because Platinum is naturally white, thereâs no need to coat the metal to produce the finished result. The durability of the metal means that platinum wedding rings are less likely to suffer from wear and tear, and will be less susceptible to damage than gold, which is a much softer material. Whatâs more, it gives jewellers more scope to work with, because of its malleability and strength. Thatâs why you can find platinum wedding rings with so-called ãtension ringä where a diamond or other precious stone is held in place simply by the strength and design of the platinum.

Platinum Wedding Rings Forever

If you want a wedding band that looks as good in 50 yearsâ time as it did on the day you bought it, you should look at platinum wedding rings. With classic, timeless designs and high-quality materials, you can be sure that you've found a wedding band thatâs as strong and long-lasting as your relationship. The Platinum Ring Company was established to offer quality Platinum wedding rings at discounted prices. We are able to offer such discounts because we have no costly premises and are able to keep our overheads low by dealing with the manufacturers directly. Having been in the retail jewellery business for over a decade, the products we offer represent classic examples of beautifully crafted, high quality rings, manufactured by the best, award winning, British manufacturers.